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KnowledgeHut Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Bangalore IN

Type: Registered Education Provider (REP)


KnowledgeHut is a fast growing Management Consulting and Training firm offering intelligent information support for corporate firms and professionals across the globe.

Our products are a unique blend of industry expertise and innovative technology that help empower workforce and create positive impact on businesses. Our customizable programs include Project Management, Risk Management, Quality Management, Agile Management, IT, Big Data, IT Security, Finance and Soft Skills and are endorsed by leading global professional bodies. Within three years of inception, we have assisted over 30,000 professionals in over 70 countries and 1500 organizations.

With Agile methodology finding acceptance the world over, KnowledgeHut offers a string of Agile Courses, and also collaborates with some of the best CSTs to offer you the competitive advantage.

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USA : +1-469-442-0620, +1-832-684-0080 
INDIA : +91-90-36007392/9, +91-80-41520045, +91-80-41100637
Toll Free : 18008437007 
UK: +44-17-77854545 
SINGAPORE: +65-315-83941 
CANADA: +1-613-707-0763 
NEW ZEALAND: +64-32818978 
AUSTRALIA: +61-290995641

My Upcoming Courses:

Certified Scrum Product Owner®
Nov. 20 & 21, 2018
Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, IN

Certified ScrumMaster®
Nov. 21 & 22, 2018
Location: Trivandrum, Kerala, IN

Certified ScrumMaster®
Nov. 21 & 22, 2018
Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, IN

Certified ScrumMaster®
Nov. 21 & 22, 2018
Location: Sofia, BG

Certified Scrum Product Owner®
Nov. 22 & 23, 2018
Location: Chennai, Tamilnadu, IN

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Approved Offerings

  • Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner®
  • Advanced Certified ScrumMaster®
  • Agile Architecture and Design (Technical CSD)
  • Agile Engineering Practices (Technical CSD)
  • CAL II—Advanced Education and Validated Practice
  • CAL II—Peer Workshop
  • Certified Agile Leadership I
  • Certified LeSS Basics
  • Certified LeSS for Executives: Principles, Organization, and Change
  • Certified LeSS Practitioner: Principles to Practices
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner
  • Certified Scrum Professional - ScrumMaster®
  • Certified Scrum@Scale Practitioner
  • Certified ScrumMaster
  • Customer Test Driven Development (Elective)
  • Full 5 Day CSD Suite
  • Introduction to Agile and Scrum Workshop (Intro)
  • Introduction to Scrum (Intro)