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Type: Registered Education Provider (REP)


Front Row Agile is your front row seat to agile learning on your time at your place. No plane ticket, no big budget required. We’re a leading choice in agile education and the only learning center of its kind focused entirely on agile.

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There are no upcoming courses at this time.

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Approved Offerings

  • Certified Scrum Developer┬«
  • Advanced Certified Scrum Developer
  • A Whole Team Approach to Building Great Products
  • Agile Business Analyst
  • Agile Estimating & Planning
  • Agile Game Development: The Essential Gems
  • Agile Principles and Mindset (Online Program)
  • Agile Release Planning
  • Agile Transformation: Four Steps to Organizational Change
  • Agile and Scrum for Managers
  • An Introduction to Scrum and Agile
  • Applied Scrum Activities - Scrum Shortcuts
  • Business Analyst: Making the Transition
  • Coaching Agile Teams
  • Front Row Agile Online Training
  • Improv-ing Agile Teams Workshop
  • Kanban for Software Development Teams (Online Program)
  • Lean Change: Achieving Agile Transformation
  • Scrum Fundamentals
  • Scrum: Framework for Delivering Value (Online Program)
  • Succeeding with Agile
  • Test Driven Development, Refactoring and Pair Programming
  • The Agile Product Owner
  • The Art of Retrospection
  • The THEMED Retrospective Handbook
  • User Stories Applied
  • Scrum Foundations
  • Certified Agile Leadership Essentials
  • Certified Agile Leadership for Teams
  • Certified Agile Leadership for Organizations
  • Certified Agile Leadership - Essentials & Organizations
  • Certified Agile Leadership - Essentials & Teams
  • Certified Agile Leadership - Essentials, Teams & Organizations