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   Practical Leadership: Comprehensive Guidance for Managing Agile

Practical Leadership: Comprehensive Guidance for Managing Agile


Practical Leadership: Comprehensive Guidance for Managing Agile

Practical Leadership: Comprehensive Guidance for Managing Agile

Are you a manager, project/delivery lead, RTE, or ScrumMaster? If you’re thinking:

“I want/need to improve our Agile delivery,”

“Our next Agile initiative will be challenging,” or

“I want to grow in my role as Agile leader”


Then register for “Practical Leadership,” a two-day training with Gil Broza. Regardless of your starting point, it will take your performance as an Agile leader to the next level:

  • Gain insights, practices, and tools for increasing Agility and improving delivery.
  • Expand your Agile leadership repertoire so you can tackle more and bigger challenges.
  • Increase your “leadership ROI”: redesign your leadership activities for better results.

See the Agenda section for more specifics on these learning objectives.

The regular price is Cdn $1,700 + HST (US $1,360).

You may buy tickets in our secure online store using your credit card, PayPal account, or TransferWise. Alternatively, contact us for an invoice.

If you intend to buy 3 or 4 tickets, contact us for a 10% discount (on all tickets) and to arrange payment.


18-19 Oct 2018


Toronto, ON, Canada


Holiday Inn Yorkdale
Dufferin and Highway 401
Toronto, ON, Canada M6A 2T9


CDN $1,700


I (Gil) started helping managers, directors, and project managers embrace Agile leadership a decade ago. I am familiar with their questions and concerns; I see the friction between Agile theory and organizational realities; and I know how to help such leaders figure out how to support their teams in creating better results.

I’ve already taught over 100 Agile leadership courses and coached hundreds of managers, directors, and executives in dozens of Agile transformations. Everything you’ll learn comes from real-world experience and tested methods.

Class size: Maximum attendance is 15 people.

Cancellation: If you need to cancel more than 30 days before the course, feel free to find someone to take your place. If you can’t find a substitute within this time frame, we’ll refund all but $400 to cover our administrative costs.

If you cancel within 30 days before the course, we can’t provide a refund. However, you may find a substitute.

No matter when you need to cancel, if you find a substitute, please let us know ASAP who that person is. It’s up to you to take care of payment arrangements with that person. Bonuses are not transferable between registrants.


The agenda is formulated based on what you'll be able to do better after the training:

  • Explain, in plain language, how the elements of an Agile mindset bridge between our work’s objectives and how we get it done
  • Contextualize your role in the Agile setting
  • Launch work initiatives the Agile way
  • Ensure higher agility across the value stream
  • Express the necessary conditions for team empowerment and engagement, and customize your role in fulfilling those conditions
  • Help your team achieve high performance with only a few techniques (and know which trouble signals to pick up on)
  • Use situational awareness and empowering techniques to help people grow and improve their results
  • Increase team member collaboration and contribution by making a few simple changes to your meetings
  • Move away from “implementing Agile practices” to working in an Agile manner and truly making the Agile promise happen
  • Control the cost of change and sustain Agility over the long term
  • Notice the pre-Agile attitudes and techniques you and the team have in your blind spot and replace them with Agile-minded ones
  • Have a reliable process for continually evolving your identity and role as an Agile leader


Each segment involves a mix of interactive teaching, individual and group activities, and discussions. We go light on theory and heavy on practical application. Participants receive a reference binder.


If you've taken Certified Agile Leadership (CAL1), this course will enhance and deepen your leadership abilities and results.

This course is designed for managers/directors, project/program managers, RTEs, Agile team leaders, and ScrumMasters who are:

  • accountable for the success of one or more Agile teams
  • familiar with the Agile concepts through both experience and study
  • looking to increase their contribution as leaders

If you have a colleague who fits this description, you’ll get better results by attending together.

This course complements Certified Agile Leadership (CAL1).