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   Certified Agile Leadership I

Certified Agile Leadership I


Certified Agile Leadership I

Certified Agile Leadership I

Though each Certified Agile Leadership I course varies depending on the instructor, all Certified Agile Leadership courses intend to create awareness of, and begin the journey toward, Agile Leadership. Graduates will receive the Certified Agile Leadership I designation.

The TrustTemenos Leadership Model

Our workshop is built around our three-dimensional model of leadership:

  1. Context management.

  2. Relationship building.

  3. Growth.

Context Management is the foundation.

It lets us create and hold space and time.

Good context management leads to presence and clarity.

Structure and process belong here, as well as awareness.


Relationship building integrates two sides:

Attention and honesty. Listening and Feedback are key activities, with authenticity, curiosity and integrity as key skills to grow and become aware of. Openness and invitation are stances that use attention and honesty to build trust. Empathy and compassion belong here, as well as honest and healthy expression of anger, love and fear.


Growth is the tree that is build on identity and intent. Wherever (in which context) I have clarity of who I am and what I want, I can let something develop and grow. Creating vision, catalysing purpose, setting goals, aligning the emergent functionality of the interactions in my team to create emergent value - all of these leadership activities are strongly correlated with this dimension of leadership.


What You will get

  • Two days of experiential, deep-dive learning and discovery

  • Connection, dialogue, co-creation

  • Messy coherence

  • Learn things about you that were not known to you before

  • More clarity of who you are and what you want

  • Fun


5-6 Apr 2017


Kiev, Ukraine


Revutskiy str. 10/2, 68
Kiev, Ukraine