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Illinois Regional Agile Users Group October Meeting: Kanban Explained: Seeing, Not Hearing Constraints

26 Oct 2010
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Location Entourage Lounge
909 North Hershey Road
Bloomington, IL 61704
United States of America



Contact Information
Maria Matarelli
Email Maria Matarelli


Please join us in October to learn how to better optimize the performance of IT teams and help your organization become more lean and agile. We are excited to have Jon Stahl from Cleveland presenting on Kanban Explained. Over the past year, Jon has presented this talk at 5 industry conferences, 15+ tech meet ups & for many customers. The reward has been that practitioners have found value and have explored this practice.

Learning Outcomes:
- How to implement kanban, tomorrow
- How to use signals for cross team interaction
- How pull based systems help reduce waste
- How to balance work in progress & allow for continuous improvement
- Why kanban is not a contradiction to Scrum

Kanban Explained:
Seeing constraints, pulling value and eliminating waste is the goal of practicing kanban. This session is for those who are not familiar with this practice. The concepts covered will include: human signals, team signals & retrospective boards that support Work in Progress (WIP) + kaizen.
You will learn about continuous flow and self organization. Maintaining flow is the goal, while allowing time to deliver AND allowing time for continuous improvement at a sustainable pace. Jon uses 5 physical boards to illustrate the concepts and encourage good dialogue. We will discuss several types of kanban boards such as WIP, backlog and retrospectives.

Jon's background:
Jon co-founded LeanDog after 18 years of experience providing IT leadership in both Fortune 500 and start up organizations. His passion is eliminating waste, optimizing the performance of IT teams and helping organizations become lean and agile. Jon provides hands on experience in organizational transformations to Agile and Lean practices. He openly shares his learnings at conferences and meet-ups. His office is a boat that he shares with the Cleveland tech community, hosting 12 Tech meet-ups a month. He helps organize events such as IgniteCleveland, Cleveland Startup Weekend & Cleveland GiveCamp. He received his degrees from Ohio State University. 


Meeting Agenda

- Welcome
- Update on Current Events
- Agile Book Report Review
- Showcase for Website Project
- Kanban Explained: Seeing, Not Hearing Constraints by Jon Stahl



Please join us for an opportunity to enhance your agile understanding and collaborate with other agile practitioners.