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Open Agile Romania

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Romania Events

22-23 May 2009
7:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Location University Politehnica
Bucharest unknown


39 Eur

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Maria Diaconu
Email Maria Diaconu


Open Agile conference is the first big event in Romania about managing software development with Agile methods, about combining techniques, technologies and attitudes to create value both for customers and companies creating software. This event is not about a single method of work, it’s about an opportunity to share and discuss thoughts and experiences from software development.

Presentations and open discussions are meant to offer new insights from Agile and software development world.



Keynote speaker: Ken Schwaber – (video call) 


And (in alphabetical order): 

Jurgen Appelo – Netherlands http://www.noop.nl; Jurgen is a famous blogger and a conference speaker. Currently a CIO at ISM company he regularly talks at seminars and conferences about agile software development, project management, process improvement, and development management. 


Razvan Gliga – Romania IT Architect at IBM Romania; Razvan is IT Architect at IBM Romania, having a broad experience in software development projects. He is experienced in Scrum, RUP and other software development processes and methodologies. 


Corey Haines – USA; Corey is currently a freelance developer and journeyman, traveling around to pair-program with other developers. He is an active member in the software craftsmanship movement, focusing his attention on post-apprenticeship activities. 


Ovidiu Negrean – Romania; Ovidiu, owner, is a young software developer, online entrepreneur and new marketing enthusiastic. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and is now also studying Business Management at Babes Bolyai University in Cluj. 


Mircea Pasoi and Mihnea Giurgea – Romania Software Engineers at uberVU –

Mircea, co-founder at, vicepresident and co-Founder at, is working Scrum in UberVU team. In summer of 2008 he worked as Software Engineer Intern at Google and in summer of 2007 he worked as Software Developer Intern at Microsoft. In the last few years he gained multiple awards, two of them being Gold Medal at International Informatics Olympics, Merida (2006), Mexico. 

Mihnea, studying Informatics at University Bucharest, is working Agile/Scrum in UberVU team. In summer of 2008 he worked as Software Engineer Intern at Google Mountain View. During high-school and University he participated in many programming contests. When having time, he participates in English-debate contests throughout Europe. 


Lucian Parvu – Romania Project Manager at Luxoft Romania (former ITC Networks) 
Lucian is Project Manager at Luxoft Romania (former ITC Networks). He discovered Scrum three years ago when he switched from a Waterfall approach to Agile. He faced the cultural changes that are involved in such a transition, the typical answer “This won’t work in our case” being history. Now Scrum feels so natural and nobody wants to go back to Waterfall. 



Maria Diaconu – Romania Chair and Event Coordinator; Maria is owner of Mosaic Works, founder and coordinator of the Romanian Agile community Agile Works Romania. From Developer to CSM and Agile/Scrum coach, she is supporting quality software, software craftsmanship and people involved in their creation. 


Alexandru Bolboaca – Romania 
Alexandru is Software development consultant and trainer, helping customers develop high quality software. One of the main projects he’s involved in is an innovative eHealth project. He studied in the recent years the influence of human factor in software development and continues to work to find ways to improve the software quality. 


More details: 


Organizer: Mosaic Works –
Event partner: eLiberatica