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Success Factors in Agile Transformation

5 Mar 2012
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Location Microsoft Building
1290 Ave of Americas
New York, NY 10104
United States of America

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Gene Gendel
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Recently, attempts by companies to undergo agile transformation are becoming more and more frequent.  Many companies believe that agile operational model would be more efficient then their existing operational models.  By adopting agile, companies strive to achieve more timely delivery on technological commitments to business, to deliver on budget, to get higher ROI, to be able to manage EV more effectively and finally, monitor project progress more closely.

What is very important to realize is that before a full scale agile transformation gets underway, a company needs to carefully analyze its own internal structure, reporting and governance model, relationships between business units as well as SLAs with external technology partners, in order to understand how they might be affected by agile transformation, and vice versa.  The latter factor is frequently downplayed and overlooked by companies, which causes problems down the road.  It is imperative to assess agile readiness of 3rd party development partners prior to engaging them on agile projects to ensure that they can deliver products incrementally and of high quality.   Without ensuring that all these important pre-conditions are met, full commitment to agile transformation might be impractical.