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User eXperience (UX) and Agile @ Randstad

10 Mar 2011
4:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Location Randstad
Diemermere 25
Diemen 1112 TC

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This meetup will be held at Randstad Headquarters. First, I-Bridge will share its experiences with Scrum adoption. I-Bridge is the IT service provider of Randstad, Tempo Team and Yacht. Next, there will be presentations about the combination of User eXperience work and Agile, followed by dinner and an Open Space. The presentations will be in Dutch.

Ever wondered how UX and Agile can be combined successfully? Struggling with it? Please come to this meetup to learn and share knowledge and experiences in the Open Space!

The Open Space is a great way to get inspired by, learn from and exchange ideas with each other. A perfect opportunity to meet people doing Agile at many different companies. Note that the Open Space will likely have sessions related to UX + Agile, but feel free to host sessions about any Agile related topic that is of interest to you.



16:30: Reception

17:00: Presentations:

- Scrum adoption at I-Bridge

- UX + Agile presentations from User Intelligence and Fabrique

18:30: Free Dinner!

19:30: Open Space

21:00: End