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Double session for the community by the community

7 May 2009
6:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Location SIRRIS
Kolonel Bourgstraat 153
Evere 1140



Contact Information
Jürgen De Smet
Email Jürgen De Smet


Sessions hosted by Vladimir Blagojević and Tom Tourwé

1. Beyond Agile: Development Goes Social

How far can you stretch agile? Can you apply it to build other products than software products? Can you assess up front if agile will work in your context? We showed you a simple thinking tool to do just that in our earlier session "Beyond the Comfort Zone of Scrum". You learned about four agile application models: homogeneous model, coordination model, co-opetition model and dependency model. This is based on a study of 9 different teams that tried to apply agile outside "pure" SW development. The models are equally applicable to software development teams too.

We saw that in some cases, especially for the dependency model, agile may not have all the answers. It's time to move forward. If agile isn't the answer - what is? Can Web 2.0 help? We spent the last 2 years developing new solutions for this that we'd like to share with you.

First results were accepted for publication by ICSE 2009.
2. Business Value by Crowds

Everyone agrees the product backlog should be prioritized according to business value, yet everyone has a different understanding of the meaning of value. And everyone estimates the business value of a particular feature differently.

Instead of trying to define the ultimate business value formula or relying solely on an enlightened product owner, we study how to exploit wisdom of crowds. Can a company grow its definition of business value organically, much like a folksonomy? Can the crowd provide more reliable value estimates? We want to share opinions, ideas and insights!

We will introduce you to the "wisdom of crowds", and explore how to exploit this to define and estimate business value and select the right set of features for the next product release. While doing so, we will show you methods, techniques and tools that you can try out and apply in their context.

This session is based on results of the Flexi project that studies this topic. Flexi is the largest industry-oriented European project on agile software development.