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How to learn Scrum and Agile?

29 Jun 2012
8:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Location VOYAGE GROUP, Inc.
Shinsen-cho 8-16, Shibuya

Contact Information
Sukusuku-Scrum staffs
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 1. Introduction

 2. How to learn Scrum and Agile?

 3. Cace study Part.1: There isn't employee who understands Scrum in your company.

 4. Discussion: Cace study Part.1

 5. Cace study Part.2: Boss say "Do Scrum".

 6. Discussion: Cace study Part.2

 7. Cace study Part.3: There isn't Scrum partner.

 8. Discussion: Cace study Part.3

 9. Cace study Part.4: Everyone knows different Scrum.

10. Discussion: Cace study Part.4

11. Sharing Japanese community

12.Today's Retrospective


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