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Get the Concepts!

17 Nov 2011
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Location Infusionsoft
2065 W. Obispo Ave.
Gilbert, AZ 85233
United States of America



Contact Information
Ken R. Ward
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Topic: “Get the Concepts!

We can read or listen, understand and even agree with new concepts. And sometimes it takes experience to “get” a concept. What if you have a concept that requires a change in behavior? You bet it takes some experience to help us take on that change for good! Certain Agile and Scrum concepts are so different, so outside of how we usually think, we need to experience to believe in them. This meeting we will focus on a few key concepts and see what we learn when we experience them in action. You can then take them back with you to work to help your teams learn too!

Team Estimation

You may have heard of the current buzz phrase “wisdom of the crowds.” Is that really true? Are crowds wise? A Scrum tenant is that we do our estimating as a team. How is that better than having the domain expert estimate? Do we really need the whole team involved? We will do a quick experiment to see one way a team might be better than a single person.


Daily Scrum (Stand-up) Meeting is not the only time you need to listen. There are other meetings, even hallway conversations and design discussions. Obviously it is not possible to collaborate without someone listening. We spend a great deal of time learning how to present, what can we do to learn how to listen? In this exercise we will inspect what it takes to listen and what might be stopping us from using this essential skill.

Co-location Or Not

Agile defines that the best communication method is face-to-face. While this may be obvious, it is often a seemingly unattainable ideal as our teams are spread across campuses, countries and the world. Why should we strive for co-location? If it is not currently possible in our team, what are some the challenges we should watch for and how do we mitigate them? In this exercise we will see the effects of location and experiment with overcoming the negative issues.

Speaker Bio:

Alan Dayley brings more than 20 years of software engineering experience to his Agile Coaching practice. Founder of Dayley Agile, LLC, he works with teams and management in strengthening the people side of creative work.  A volunteer member of the PhxSUG steering team, he loves to help people learn and create innovation at their company and in their life.