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Scrum . . And

21 Apr 2011
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Location Infusionsoft
2065 W. Obispo Ave.
Gilbert, AZ 85233
United States of America



Contact Information
Ken Ward
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Topic:  Scrum . . And!

'Scrum . . And’  will focus on what works well within the framework of Scrum  to achieve the desired result.  This will be presented as an interactive discussion of what does work and how it can work within the framework of Scrum,  and what can then help teams move towards the end result of working software.  We will look at some brief examples from the real world experiences and then open for discussion from audience participants regarding their experiences within the topic.  Several topics will be discussed.  At the end  time will be left for open discussion  of any other topics not covered

 in the open format.  


We kicked off the group two years ago when Ken Schwaber  remotely  presenting  his ‘Scrum . . But’

Presentation therefore it would only be natural to present this topic of ‘Scrum . . And’ for our two year anniversary meeting.  

"At work we are doing Scrum . . And Paired Programming", Briefly discuss a

real world example then open for a discussion.

(Portions will be time-boxed to allow for all topics and open discussion at the end.)

then continue with next slide;

 "At work we are doing Scrum . . And TDD",

Briefly discuss a real world example then open for a discussion.

. .  Continuous Integration, Automated Testing,  Limiting "Work in Progress"

 Get the picture?

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Speaker Bio:  Ken Ward

Providing Agile/Scrum Implementations, Training and Coaching Consulting Services

 to Fortune 500 companies.  Ken has over 30 years experience in the IT field working his way through Operations to Software Development and Project Management.

 He’s been involved with several successful Scrum implementations at fortune 500 companies, (General Mills, Target and WalMart most recently) and he has had experience with several high profile state government projects throughout his career.  His company Mission Statement is:

“To utilize the Agile framework known as Scrum, to bring in your software development

 projects on time and on budget, giving you the customer the satisfaction of getting

useable software in a timely manner."